Sunday, March 23, 2014

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a Pinterest board: Iceland travel planning (Part 1?)

I picked up the Travel section of the Sunday paper last weekend. My eyes landed on the weekly roundup of land, sea, and air deals. "We haven't been overseas for almost a year," Zed observed.

"Iceland Air is offering a package deal for a long weekend in Reykjavik for less than the cost of a roundtrip ticket," I replied.

"What, are we going to Iceland now?" asked Kathy, with a precocious eye-roll. She's only 8, but she's got the skills of a fourteen year old.

Just so you don't think we are impulsive, our answer at that moment was a good, solid maybe

A few hours of research, comparison shopping, and soul-searching later, our answer had morphed into yes

You say impulsive, I say decisive. 

Or maybe it was the post-coffee-and-waffle high.

The first time I planned an overseas trip as an adult was in 2010. Back in those dark ages, there was no Pinterest. I did Google searches, and jotted down info on sticky notes, and stuck them on a map.

Four years later, my first step in planning a trip is to multitask with Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Flickr, and Spotify. I've got indie Icelandic music streaming as I search blogs, tour companies, and Wikipedia. I've added movies filmed in Iceland to my watch list  on Amazon Prime. YouTube has Icelanders teaching basic phrases in their language. I stick pins on a Google Map that I made for the trip.

I also use the relatively old school online library catalog -- within minutes I can put holds on as many books on Iceland's culture, geography, and tourism as I want. When I go to pick them up, there will be an entire shelf of books tagged with my name.

This is going to be a self-referential post: when I publish it, I'll pin it to my Iceland board. I haven't quite figured out what the organization standard is on Pinterest. Should I use hashtags? What works for me is to put the name of the country first, then the city (if it applies), and then a phrase reminding myself what I liked about the site.

It turns out that going to Iceland is not so impulsive. My husband just found an email I sent him two years ago with a link to a company that does family tours of glaciers, geothermal pools, and volcanoes. So maybe the journey does not start with a step, or a Pinterest board. It starts with a dream of horseback riding through lava fields "someday."

Iceland! I can't wait to see you.

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  1. Inspire, inspire, inspire. Great job, you. And I'm always amazed at how often new habits, like travel, seem insurmountable, but quickly they become "just the way we do things around here."

    Can't wait to hear about this trip.